Sources of quality

We pay special attention so our beef originates from established breeding ensuring animal welfare. In return, we are confident that our meat is characterized with highest quality and durability, it is inspected and safe. We make a product, we can be proud of.

Quality guaranteed

Sourcing beef from cherry-picked breeding is, however, not everything. It is also essential what happens with the meat once it reaches our company. Our main asset is a qualified, experienced and following the rules of hygiene staff, which abilities are constantly improved by organizing various trainings and courses. We pay special attention to issues like rigorously following the rules of production hygiene, constantly improving our production techniques and technology and continuously upgrading our modern machinery park. Our company functions in accordance with quality control systems like HACCP, IFS and BRC.

Out of concern for the environment

We do respect the place we work in and live in, that is why our main priority is to make our technology safe, effective and harmless to our planet. We are keen on waste management. We constantly increase "green energy" production using our own photovoltaic systems. We follow eco-friendly approach while rationally tapping into natural resources.

Client first

Our main guidelines correspond to customers’ needs. Our desire is to provide them with a final product of the highest quality that meets all of the requirements and expectations. To achieve that we have incorporated a systematic preventive approach to food quality based on hazard analysis and critical control points – HACCP. Moreover, in order to deliver best quality beef we keep accurate, transparent records and we monitor and control every step of the production process.


Since 2010, our company uses certified quality control system in accordance with IFS (International Featured Standard) and BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety). Management guaranties funds to maintain the system and attain the goals included in the Quality Policy – which is familiar and accessible to all of the employees on all of the tiers of our organization. The staff follows the rules of the HACCP system and is aware of the responsibilities connected to health and safety of the produced food.

Benefits of systemic actions

Multifaceted approach towards the production process at MCKEEN-BEEF GROUP results in maintaining the highest quality of goods, confirmed by our clients. Systemic actions and introduced rules allow us to guarantee concrete effects. Our company strictly obeys the rules of the food law. We work in manner that is friendly to our environment as we are guided by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygienic Practice (GHP). We maintain, supervise and constantly upgrade operative system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). We monitor processes responsible for the quality and the safety of our product. We repeatedly improve the qualifications of our workers and raise awareness through regular and scheduled trainings, implementing innovative techniques and technologies and acquiring new markets.