Our beef comes from certified farms that provide animals within a safe and natural environment. Thus allowing for healthier animals for further production, Our Beef is greatly received throughout Europe and as far afield as Japan.


The production of high-quality beef is our main desire and goal. We want our beef to end up on consumers' tables with a testament to our philosophy of animal welfare and a sustainable approach to the production process.


The staff of Mckeen Beef’s facilities are composed of qualified and trained employees. However, we do not stop there – we constantly improve their Knowledge and skills through systematic training, introduction of innovative technologies and investment in machinery.


Our staff consists of high qualified and trained workers. Nevertheless, we do not stop there – we constantly improve their skills by systematic trainings, introducing innovative technologies and investments in our machinery park.
We started our business in 2009. Since that moment, we have been gradually building our position on the market by expanding our production abilities, following new trends and meeting growing requirements from clients.
The history of MCKEEN-BEEF Sp. z o.o. started in 2009, in a place called Lisków. The most important rule, guaranteeing the high quality of our beef is animal welfare. We make sure that breeding takes place in conditions ensuring harmonized growth. Among our priorities we can enumerate hiring qualified specialists and making sure that there is a constant improvement as far as technology, machines and our staff’s qualifications are considered.
Our organization consists of specialized companies responsible for every step of beef production: slaughterhouse, cutting and packaging plant and cold store. Moreover, transport and sales of our goods in Poland and abroad is handled by professional and dedicated units within our company. This configuration makes us meet all the requirements – quality, logistics, prices and sustain partnership with present and new clients.