About Us

The value of our meat lies within the nature and tradition of our country, Poland. We produce our beef out of breeding animals which are living on vast pastures, were they grow up in accordance with the rhythm of nature. In result, we get a tasty and healthy product, which gives sensation to all the senses – taste, sight, smell and touch. Since the beginning, our company’s prerogative is honest and competent approach towards the client, which allows us to provide what we do best – polish premium quality beef. Our most important rule is to rely on the meat produced from breeding animals that grew up in welfare. We pay special attention to our personnel’s qualifications, applied technologies and machines. We successfully upgrade all of those elements by organizing training, incorporating new technologies and upgrading our machinery park.


MCKEEN-BEEF Sp. z o.o. has been operating since 2009, in a place called Lisków near Kalisz. In the beginning we were limited to cutting and packaging with the potential of cutting 100 tons of beef daily. In 2013 we expanded our operation to cattle slaughter by purchasing a slaughterhouse located in a nearby parish. Through upgrading and investing in modern, highly-efficient slaughter line and machinery park we have established a name for ourselves on the polish market. In years 2012-2015 we have started a bunch of investments in the cutting and packaging plant in Lisków, effecting in expanded and modernized company, which brought us new possibilities and new markets to explore. In 2014 we have achieved a potential of cutting 700 tons of beef weekly.

To keep up with the intensive growth, in 2012 we have invested in an cold store that is integrated with the cutting plant and in 2013 in an independent cold warehouse . It enabled us to guarantee a high quality of frozen products. Over the course of last years we have strengthen our high position among beef producers in our country and abroad.

Our organization consists of specialized companies responsible for every step of beef production: slaughterhouse, cutting and packaging plant, cold store; prompt deliveries and sales are handled by consummate professionals assembled in dedicated teams.

Client first

Our customers’ opinions are of the most value to us. We do our best to supply the most valuable meat with quality we can vouch for. Due to the extensive structure of MCKEEN-BEEF GROUP we are able to meet every quality, logistics and price requirements that we face and maintain good partnership with our current and new clients

Our locations


Linne 47
62-730 Dobra

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ul. Spółdzielców 13
62-850 Lisków

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REGON: 383196220
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PL 30074202 WE
Nr BDO: 000140477


Ennigerloher Str. 28
59302 Oelde

VAT No.: DE 290319849


MCKEEN-BEEF Sp. z o.o.
ul. Spółdzielców 13
62-850 Lisków

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